Sunday, March 20, 2011

Its been a little while...

Over the past few months I haven't blogged much, really consider not doing it at all. I only have one follower (Thanks to her) but this isn't just for others. This is a way for me to remember what I will probably forget in about a week.

I started the new job with Longview, and I love it. I dont just love it, I LOVE it. I have come to realize that it isn't always about a victim with a face, but there are people out there that I am trying to prevent from being victims. I don't have some fancy or poetic words to describe what goes on at 2:00 a.m. but I can tell you this, like momma always said that whatever goes on after 11:00 isn't good. LOL

I dont know if people think about how close they come on a day to day basis of being a victim. You hope that guy that is walking down the road isn't drunk and about to walk infront of an elderly lady who will never forgive herself for not being able to stop. You hope that the driver of the other vehicle coming towards you at 50 mph in the other lane isn't a drunk. You dont think that the man next door would beat his wife. You see the kids on the playground but dont realize that they are planning to break into your house after school.

 I know that I have seen some really great people doing an even greater job at what they do. I have not seen anything that these folks take lightly. Sure we all have our pet peeves I guess, but I never imagined that people would go so far to protect people they hope to never meet. I am so glad that I am being trained to work with the finest.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Officially Official

So, Tuesday, I became an official sworn police officer for the City of Longview. 1-11-11 is my commission date with them. Shouldn't have a problem remembering that! I got an awesome new shiny badge and a stomach full of knots!

My parents and Clint were there. I am sure throughout my lifetime, my parents wondered where or what I was going to do, especially when I was younger. I had no direction for a few years and then BAM! Next thing I know, they are crying at every turn, not because I dissapointed them :) I love making my parents proud because that is the only way I know to repay them for the AWESOME raising they gave me and my sister.

Clint pinned me again like academy graduation. If it wasn't for his patience, loving, caring, SUPPORTIVE nature, I couldn't have done this, or atleast not been able to keep my sanity. He is exactly what I need because he keeps me grounded as I pursue my dreams. I could never thank him enough.

Two of my other favorite people were there Cory Hoover and John Smith (shout out!) They are my out of family support system. (OFSS) ha ha ha haa......

Constable John Smith was my sponsor through the academy and I am PROUD to say it. He is truly a hero and does amazing things for the people inside and outside of his precinct. John has a heart as big as Texas and isn't afraid to put it on the line to make sure we stay safe.  I love hearing his stories of the past.....John has the BEST team working with him as well. His whole office are the neatest folks I have met.

Cory introduced me to John when I was trying to figure my way blindly through the academy registration process. Cory has a passion like no one I have ever seen....if you need someone caught, tell Cory! Cory will not let anyone get away and usually finds them in record time! If you really want to cause some bad news for those criminals.....John and Cory combined is a power house of law enforcement that will leave the criminals spining in their socks.

Sadly, there were many people there that I would have loved to have attend. I just knew it wouldnt last very long and did not want to make people feel like they were obligated to attend just because they were invited and they live VERY busy lives. I have plenty of pictures, so if you would like to see them let me know. I cannot post them due to L.P.D policy :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What a whirl wind!

So, I started my first week at Longview P.D. and I had a lot of computer information thrown my way, but the second week, I had actual punches thrown my way! We started this week learning the S.P.E.A.R defense tactics and man, 8 hours of that was all I wanted. I loved it, but it was a complete workout. Today, we started working with a tool called the OPN which is the code word for nunchucks.

I never thought I would carry that, but man is that a cool tool! Anyway, I dont really know how my two little stick arms are going to hold up to the pinching, twisting, wrapping, pressure of the next 8 hours, but it cannot pass soon enough.

 I realize how much I do not know. I am in with 3 other (5 if you count the instructors) experienced officers, which is fine because I am learning from them. It is sort of weird being on a learning level and taking down your first Sgt. and FTO Coordinator! Overall, it is been great so far and I have learned a lot and getting to know people in my department.

God has and will always be GOOD!

Monday, December 20, 2010

I need to get better at this!

Sometimes I feel like I blast my whole life out there! I feel like I am talking, but I am not saying much :).

Anyway, we have had a lot going on. I recently took a job at Longview Police Department....and I start on Monday. The reality of it has started to set in, and I sometimes feel warm and fuzzy as I quietly, secretly, freak the heck out! I then think, "What have I done?" LOL! But, in the middle of this emotion, I am so stoked I cannot believe it is finally here. I will miss my friends at the District Attorney's Office, and I know it will be an adjustment for my family, but I know that there is a reason, a path, that God is leading me down. I will meet this challenge head on, just like everything else I have accomplished.

When your scared saddle up anyway! Thank John Wayne.

Any hizzle, Christmas is breathing down my neck. This year we decided to do it about 4 days early so Jag-mister could have plenty of time to play with his stuff. Ok, I'll admit that is every kids dream is to break their parents down so they can open their presents before time, but I feel guilty! It is going to be lonely on Christmas, because Jagger will most likely stay at his moms that day so he can also experience the plastic goodness that he got there too. :) He leaves for Missouri, so he isn't complaining about the early unwrapping.

Lastly, my mom introduced me to a friend of hers that we ran into in a store. She later explained his situation, and it is grim. Without posting too much, he probably has an income of 1/4 of what most of us bring home a month, and has kids that he is caring for on his own. He STILL tithes every month. I have never been so touched by just a 5 minute conversation in my life. It makes me sick to my stomach to know people basically throw away what he gets every month....for what? Internet? TV? Cell phones? Hair? Nails? But when it comes to giving to the church, we will "make it up next month" or "we will see what we have left" NO! Give first, the rest will take care of itself, and if it doesn't, then you don't need it! I need to listen to my own advice. I will admit it.

Well, good night....the Golden Girls are on......

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm back and better than before!

Well, there has been a LOT going on lately! I recently graduated from the police academy, so I am officially a peace officer. I always knew I would do something in this field, but never thought it could actually happen. When my parents would tell me I could do anything I wanted to, I knew it to be true but thought "yeah right" in the back of my mind. Ok, it was the front of my mind. Now, here I sit, graduated from the police academy and 4 classes from having my bachelors. I become breathless when I think back on all of it. I never thought I would amount to much in life just kinda breeze along......but I'm trying. Not for myself either, I do this for all the people along the way that will hopefully become inspired, or that I can help. Nothing is impossible, and you REALLY can do anything you want.

We have a new hairless baby, Dee Dee. She is anther Chinese Crested and she is the most precious girl ever. Willis loves her but the feeling is not mutual just yet. We have had her for about 4 months, and love her more and more each day. While Willis greets me at the door, she LEAPS off the couch, only to race to the water bowl. We will need to fix that LOL.

The next thing is we got new furniture, and yes, about a month of having Clint a brand new leather recliner, I stabbed it with a knife on accident. UGH. I am still sick about it.

The last but not least new info, is Jagger, his mom and stepdad, and 2 siblings are moving back to Golden! They bought a house and I am super excited to have my buddies back. I have missed them terribly over the past few years and we are glad to see them back in the 'hood.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Un Employment

Well, it is official. I could never be a stay at home wife at this stage in my life. I have no kids, so there isn't much to keep my days passing by fast. Willis is pretty annoyed with me trying to make him take a bottle...just kidding. Well, if you don't know, I got layed off last month temporarily. I am not looking to go back though. It is time to start looking for something that pertains with my degree...criminal justice.

Well, after jumping on job applications the day they post them has proven how impatient I really am. If you notice, the counties and state jobs usually are posted for a month before they start calling you in for an interview. If I turn in a resume' or application, I expect a call as soon as I hit send. So, you could only imagine how nervous I have been. Well, finally I started getting calls today because the jobs are starting to close. I have a interview with the Smith County District Attorney's office and a local attorney in Quitman. I have applied to about 20 places (including jails and half way houses) so hopefully soon I will hear or get something soon.

Just keep praying that the good Lord will teach me patience and will place me where He needs me.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Worst week, best lessons.

This week, most of you know, we lost a very important figure of our family, the community. Pete Wright tragically passed away last Sunday. At that very moment that I stood at the dirtpit, standing over him, I realized two things. Pete Wright lived for Pete Wright and no one else, but Pete Wright also lived for everyone else. He did so much for other people because that is WHAT he wanted to do. He worked from sun up to sun down, 7 days a week with the occasional taking a break to take Pat to Ranchero's. He died working. It wasn't work to Pete though, it was life. Pete was also there passing out Halloween candy, pulling a Christmas parade float, rough housing with great grand kids, helping out a neighbor, city council, school board president. He was the hardest working person I will ever know, but he always had time. He had time and no complaints. You could look into his eyes and see that he was happy. You can actually see happiness. He was also a gentle soul. He would say "hello granddaughter" to me when I poked him in the belly. He was the first person to call me granddaughter, and I loved hearing it. He was grandpa. The turn out and outpouring of our friends was breath taking. I have seen 4 of the hardest men you have ever see become humble as they looked back at what they had with him. I am slowly taking down my other blogs because that is not how I want to be remembered...ranting and raving about some trivial subject. I want to be remembered just like Pete and even Pat. We did think Pete was too big to die, we thought he would live for ever. I think I will change the word admirable to "Pete" because when you are a person like Pete, your name can become a verb. Lets use it in a sentence, "I really Pete that guy because he is a hard working fella"....I like it. Don't you? You can use the word Pete for other verbs if you would like. There was an estimate of 1,000 people that came through the visitation and those of you that were there, you know that is not an exagerration. People waited over an hour to get in and Pat was a rock. She stood there and recieved every last one of you. They don't make ladies like that anymore. We asked if she needed a chair and she kept turning it down. I am sure I will be adding more to this blog, because I have a lot to say that that ole' man taugh me. Even though he is gone, I won't stop learning. He had told Pat just a couple of weeks ago when she was complaining that he didnt go to church with her because he was out working at something....that "I bet I pray more than you!" lol. Pete "got right" with the Lord in a foxhole in Korea, and prayed driving that dump truck down the highway. Prayed while loading dirt or smoothing a drive. I like to him of him praying right before that trachoe turned over.

Now, I have a letter to write my husband to tell him how there is atleast 2 people in this world that thinks he is the man that Pete was.